Monday, July 26, 2010

Wired Magazine and AT&T

I just read the latest article on AT&T and Apple. It is as if Apple is this hugely innovative company and AT&T is basically a old school loser company that just can't deliver the goods. The irony is rich. No one wants to do infrastructure! Its those folks who take care of the pipes that really are part of the innovation. Its the comcasts, the AT&T, the qwests......who of them has an untarnished image? Consumers hate them, and now product developers are turning out devices that can do HD video and connect to a million different devices and stream live video without lag...with no attention to the fact that they are part of an innovoation system that includes the infrastructure. If I were Apple, I'd start paying AT&T more capital so that they can beef up their pipes, or distribute the load across carriers next time.
AT&T is doing what they can, and I'm VERY happy with my iPhone.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alphonse Mucha!

man, I googled this Alphonse Mucha, and I LOVE this guy!

I googled him and the images brought a tear to my eye. They're all women and done classy.