Sunday, June 22, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Review - Three Cups of Coffee (out of four) - Fun and Sumatra Exciting

Edge of Tomorrow - Screen Caffeine

Three Cups (3 out of 4) 

Just saw Edge of Tomorrow and here is my less than 200 word, spoiler free espresso review!   Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are simply terrific in this action packed Sci-fi thriller.  I'm generally attracted to time travelly sorts of things, and this has that element in spades as the title indicates.  The trailer basically gives you the plot - but these actors really sell it.  I ended up loving nearly every character from the Master Sargent down to the female solider with a hole in her sock.  Since you see the characters multiple times you end up learning about them in a non-linear way which is fun.    So while there is heart in this, I judge action movies on what they did to my pulse - and this quickened it more than a double shot mocha.   I also can't help but think the suits are part of the war future...maybe not the sword, but man Emily is great wielding that bad boy around.   Go see it, and feel free to take the kids older than 10.  Its tense, violent, but clean and a lot of fun.