Saturday, February 16, 2008

TopGun scored!

Went to my son, TopGun, basketball game this Saturday, and it was AWESOME. He shot, and scored, saving the game from certain defeat! It was a lot of fun. The team really needs to learn how to pass the ball, but the play is aggressive and fun to watch.

Other things...we're getting ready for a little trip up to the mountains next month to take advantage of the epic snow up there this year.

Chubbie has found computers! He's relentless about them.....every day playing this or or battlefield, which he is dangerously good at for a 3 year old.

ShortStuff, my 11 year old girl, made us breakfast today for the first time. Dressed Eggs....I really liked them. Nutmeg, eggs, and alot of butter. Awesome.

Work is busy and good....need a break. Went to Internet Retailer conference. lots of learning. Love lost....its great this year. House was great with Mira Sorvinio ( sp).

Tax time....paying down car loan. Require freedom!

Wife got a killer hair cut. Blonde.....ooooohhh... :)

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