Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cool Agile Quotes

Some great quotes on their website:

Distance is an excuse to postpone action. The more time you allocate to your projects, the longer it will be before you take action.

Transparency equals control. Transparency in product development means visibility into whats happening...and what isn't.

A note on that. Command and control is a paradigm of that a single hierarchical group or person can control complex systems behavior by establishing direction and by tightly controlling variance to that direction. Transparency, as I see it, means that there is only general direction, but that daily activities are visilbe to the stakeholders. So while they do not control the day to day activities, they can see them, and see what is causing them. You view behavior of a system rather than its individual components, and then correct by usually removing things outside of that system that are causing slowness or issues. If the problem is inside the system, since in Agile systems are small and peer-based, it should correct itself before its affect is obvious to an outside observer.

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