Monday, August 02, 2010

Movies Review!

A quick note while I'm on break here at work:
Inglorious Basterds, a movie I just watched last night, was as disturbing as it was entertaining. It is NOT a comedy! I was expecting something lighthearted. The direction was very good. I loved the way they did the background motives on some of the characters - brief snippets that tightly explained everything. Intense closeups that I'm still pondering....
But what I got was basically a snuff flick aimed at Nazi Germany. I imagine it to be quite cathartic for Jews and indeed anyone who lived in fear of the Third Reich, but a bit too Clockwork Orange for me. I won't spoil it by saying more, but get your barf bags out if you have a sensitive stomach. 7 out of 10 - too much gore for an 8, but amazing acting (who was that security officer and his three languages!) and film work.

Rewatched Avatar again. I just can't get into it - too politically heavy handed. -7/10.

Ponyo - Japanese Animae - Loved it! Rent it now. 8/10.

Legion - This was also very high on the gore index, but I liked it way more than the critics. A fun play with Biblical themes and horror. 8 / 10. Would have gotten a 9 with better special effects when the Angels fight. Seriously...bring the MAGIC!

That football movie with Sandra Bullock...great movie, but can't remember the name of it, which isn't a good sign on its impact on me. Sandra deserved her reward for this. 7/10...its a chick flick really.

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