Sunday, February 17, 2008

Delta Funding -- out

Did I tell this wonderful blog audience that my previous employer, Delta Funding, is no more? They folded a few months ago. I avoided the axe once again. I have a knack at seeing the axe coming, thus my streak of zero unemployment since I was 18 ( save college, which was intentional.)

Its interesting to think what would have happened had I stayed. I'd be commuting to the city everyday, part of possibility the worst grind in the world. I'm fairly certain my life would be orders of magnitude worse. Virtual office, as my current employer allows, is a HUGE plus. It gives me freedom to work when I can, and get away when I need to, and still work effectively. Its huge. The commute? Nary 20 minutes. THere's NO Place in NY I could have that commute. The only option would have been to start my own gig.....which requires funds far beyond what I currently possess.

Playing a ton of Call Of Duty 4 on the PS3. With its easy online features, extraordinary graphics, and great titles, I just don't see PC gaming getting out of this decade as a big player. The consoles rule the world.

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Tim Bowling said...

Believeing loyalty a virtue, I tend to stay too long. Hope against hope the company's bad times will be over, and that the owners are as dedicated to saving their life's work as I am. They only want the money, usually at the expense of their creditors, and they see a company's death as an opportunity to get richer. Guess guile development is required.